Technical Inspections

Technical Inspections

Turbine and Compressor Inspection Services For The Petrochemical Industry

At i.t.s Engineering team, Inc., we have a strong reputation for providing petrochemical industry solutions that address the Inspection, repair, maintenance, and installation requirements of rotating and reciprocating equipment, including turbines, pumps, valves, gearboxes, and blowers. Specifically, our turbine Inspection services consist of in-the-field machining of various turbine components, including seals, rotor shafts, and more – all of which require extremely tight tolerances and extra fine finishes.


Turbine Overhaul Services

We have adept knowledge and experience at delivering precision machining, installation, and welding services to bring your turbine service equipment back to maximum performance and efficiency.


Turbine Maintenance Services – Outage, Inspections, And Repairs

At i.t.s, we provide you with fast turnarounds, delivering everything from complete overhauls, scheduled combustion turbine and generator maintenance, as well as repairs and new installations. Our turbine maintenance services professionals are able to plan, manage, and perform the necessary services you need completed during your outage.
We operate under specific deadline goals to ensure your equipment downtime is kept to a minimum.

About Us

i.t.s group is a German based company, focused on quality control inspections and factory audit services. At i.t.s, we are convinced that a shorter time-to-market gives our clients a vital competitive advantage in their industries.

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